This Hotel Will Give You A Discount For Not Using Your Phone On Vacation

Sometimes screens offer a welcome distraction from the daily grind, but what about when you’re on vacation?

With study after study suggesting that phones and other devices distract us from family time, one hotel is launching a program designed to help guests connect with each other rather the internet.

Wyndham hotels are offering customers a five percent discount if they agree to literally lock away their smartphones.

The special “Reconnected” program will provide families with a safe on a timer that won’t open until the predetermined time has expired. In exchange, guests will get a blanket fort kit and an Instax camera to capture memories.

The program will be available at select Wyndham Grand hotels (including Clearwater Beach, Orlando Bonnet Creek, Chicago Riverfront, Hotel Galvez and The Mill) from Feb. 23 through Sept. 3.

Sounds like a great way to recapture family time and spend less time hunting down chargers.