This Service Lets You Swap Homes With Other Travelers For Free

Airbnb has made headlines for its home-sharing model, but this new site actually lets travelers swap homes. For free.

Well, sort of. Members of Love Home Swap enroll in a global exchange program that allows people to browse available homes around the world and coordinate travel plans with other people willing to let them stay in their house or apartment. Each person or family then switches homes for the duration of the agreement, all for free.

The only catch? Members do need to pay $240 per year to use the service. Considering you’d probably pay that much for just a night or two at a standard hotel, Love Home Swap is actually a pretty steep bargain.

Any home you swap into will likely be about as nice as your own pad, as you’re unlikely to find a multi-millionaire willing to home-swap with someone who dwells in a cramped studio apartment.

If you’re looking for a way to make traveling more affordable and possibly even make a friend or two along the way, Love Home Swap could be a great option.