These Futuristic Upgrades Could Be Coming To Economy Class Soon

Some pretty awesome upgrades could be coming to passenger planes pretty soon, and you won’t need a first-class ticket to experience them.

The annual Crystal Cabin Awards recognize the coolest cabin innovations in the airline industry, as well as forward-thinking ideas from independent designers and even students. This year, their shortlist for the best new cabin design concepts includes some pretty awesome stuff.

Features that could be popping up in economy cabins within the next few years include noise cancelling headrests that wrap around your ears while acting as a supportive pillow; 3D inflight entertainment monitors that don’t require special glasses; virtual reality headsets at every seat and even augmented reality “assistants” on your armrest.

The final awards will be given out in Germany at the Aircraft Interiors Expo this April.

If you have a family, this new flight trend could be your worst nightmare.