These Futuristic Trains Can Turn Into Planes And Back Again

Getting from plane, to airport, to train, to the city center can take ages and be truly exhausting. These new futuristic planes are hoping to solve that problem….by turning into trains.

The “Link & Fly” from Akka Technologies is a transport concept that was just debuted in France. It would streamline your travel experience from your doorstep to your final destination.

Here’s how it works. Passengers would board a “modular pod” in their neighborhood. Their retinas would be scanned for security before the pod shuttles them to the airport. There, the pod would join up with a collection of wings, engines, and other passenger pods.

The modular vehicle would take to the skies and land at a destination airport. There, it would come apart each pod would ferry passengers to their final destination.

The concept has been pitched to Boeing by Akka, though there’s no word on when and if these planes will become a reality. Check out the video below from YouTube channel “Etoiles Ailes” for a sneak peak.