This U.S. Airline Say Free In-Flight Wi-Fi Is Coming To All Its Flights Soon

Even in our highly connected modern world, connecting to the internet on a plane has lagged behind the times and is typically quite expensive. It’s not unusual for a flight to offer Wi-Fi… that tends to be painfully slow and exorbitantly priced.

However, U.S. carrier Delta Airlines has just announced that they’re planning on bringing free and fast Wi-Fi to all their flights in the very near future. In an interview with Barron’s, Delta CEO Ed Bastion said: “Our goal is to make Wi-Fi free with high-speed quality. It will take another year or two to make that happen.”

The company hopes to bring free Wi-Fi to its economy passengers by the end of 2021. Currently, JetBlue remains the only domestic carrier that offers free Wi-Fi in the skies for all its passengers.

Though some Delta passengers would rather have free checked luggage or flight cancellation, fast and reliable internet on flights is definitely something to look forward to. Here’s hoping the airline can deliver on its promises.