You Can Now Get Some Seriously Tasty Food In American Airlines Economy Class

Airplane food is known for being generally less than pleasant, but one airline is challenging that stereotype with a new selection of gourmet offerings in economy class.

American Airlines is introducing a range of fresh sandwiches, wraps, and snacks made in partnership with Zoë’s Kitchen.

For under $9, passengers in economy class will be able to order breakfast items like Belgian waffles with hazelnut spread or turkey and bacon sandwiches with egg slices and Calabrian pepper aioli.

For lunch, guests can expect treats including chicken wraps with mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, and artichokes; a Grüben sandwich with sliced turkey, Manchego cheese, feta cheese, and Mediterranean slaw; and “hummus duo” with basil pesto, olives, and pita bread.

As if those menu offerings didn’t sound tasty enough, many of the lunch options will be paired with Zoë’s Kitchen’s signature chocolate chip cookies.

The new food will be offered on domestic flights longer than 1,100 miles. That’s about three hours in the air. If you want to make sure these tasty bites are available for your flight, be sure to “reserve a meal” with your flight on the American Airlines website.