This Southern State Might Start Observing Daylight Saving Time All Year Round

The Sunshine State may be about to get even sunnier.

Florida is considering two bills that would give the state permission to keep daylight saving time year-round. Aptly named the “Sunshine Protection Act,” this new legislation would mean longer days in winter and no clock adjustments in the spring or fall. If the Sunshine Protection Act passes, all of Florida would use Eastern Standard Time. Basically, the sun wouldn’t set in Florida before about 6:30 p.m. at any point in the year.

This change would have a major impact on Floridians and their economy. With more daylight, shops and bars may opt to stay open longer and generate more income. Tourists may be more likely to stay out later and spend more money in local businesses. Plus, locals would likely enjoy more sunlight after getting out of work or school.

The final verdict hasn’t yet come down, but we’re crossing our fingers for a little more sunshine.