This New Floating Tent Lets You Camp Right On The Water

If you’ve ever wanted to take your camping experience offshore, this new floating tent could be the perfect solution. Called the Tentsile Universe, this new tent works on land, water, or even suspended from a tree.

It features an insulated, air-filled floor that allows the tent to float on top of the water. Though the company cautions campers that sleeping in the tent overnight on the water is dangerous, it’s easy to imagine spending a few hours adrift on a lake in the sunshine.

The tent can handle up to 880 pounds of eight and has an impressive 100 square feet of floor space, plus five feet of overhead clearance. On land, the tent’s insulated floor keeps campers warm and cozy and is spacious enough to hang out in all day.

The Universe isn’t available just yet, but will be coming in February 2019!