Some Flights Could Soon Have Kid Free Zones

Kids on planes are a fact of life. Parents gotta travel, kids gotta go with them. Whether you love playing peek-a-boo over the seat in front of you or groan internally every time you see a diaper bag appear, there’s never been much you could do about children on flights. Until now. Maybe.

There’s a growing movement to implement “kid-free” zones on airplanes. A 2017 survey found that just over half of respondents think that people traveling with children aged 10 and under should have to sit in a separate section, away from the child-free passengers.

Some international airlines have already introduced kid-free zones on their flights. However, U.S. airlines aren’t as keen on the idea.

With scandal after scandal cropping up in the airline industry on what seems like a monthly basis, the idea of segregating passengers based on age doesn’t sound like something PR departments will readily jump at.

Still, as airlines struggle to make flight more profitable by adding optional extras to their menu of services, it could be that kid-free zones could be a reality in the next few years.

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