This West Coast Airport Is Now Using Face Scans Instead Of Boarding Passes

One U.S. airport has begun allowing passengers to board flights using face scans instead of traditional boarding passes.

German airline Lufthansa has started a biometric boarding process on some flights out of Los Angeles International Airport. This means that passengers simply approach a self-boarding gate right before getting on the plane, pause for a moment while sensors scan their face, and then proceed to walk down the jet bridge and get on the plane.

The facial scan is sent to U.S. Customs and Border Protection in real-time where their identity is verified within seconds. Using this method, the airline was able to board 350 passengers in just 20 minutes.

JetBlue and Delta airlines have been testing out biometric boarding in Atlanta and Boston. If these trials continue to be successful, we could see facial scans or other biometric boarding methods become the norm within just three or four years.