Newark Liberty International Was Just Named America’s Priciest Airport

If you’re on a budget, you undoubtedly take finances into account while planning travel adventures. Whether you’re flying across the country or setting up an international adventure, you know that airports can claim a significant chunk of change as travel plans unfold. From pre-boarding dining to parking fees, airports certainly aren’t known for catering to the frugal traveler – but being aware of America’s most expensive airports can help you strategically plan your next journey to avoid breaking the bank. An annual list from The Point Guy reveals the country’s priciest hubs.

Have you flown in or out of any of the airports listed above? In your experience, did these spots live up to their rankings? We would love to hear your thoughts about costly airport adventures and budget tips in the comment section below, so be sure to drop us a line.

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Address: Newark, NJ 07114, USA