Dunkin’ Donuts Just Released Its Own Beer And Here’s Where To Get It

’Tis the season to be jolly indeed – Dunkin’ Donuts has just released its own beer to mark the winter solstice.

Yes, you read that right. The New England coffee shop chain is releasing an actual alcoholic craft beer. It’s called DDark Roasted Brew and it’s the first ever beer made with Dunkin’ Donuts Dark Roast Coffee.

So where can you try this java-based brew? Head to Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, Massachusetts for a taste of this limited-edition dark stout. The company says DDark Roasted Brew “features full-roasted coffee flavor reminiscent of freshly-ground beans with a creamy mouthfeel.”

The deep, rich flavors are meant to evoke the feelings of cozy closeness in the depth of winter. This is actually the second beer that the doughtnut-brand has releasd this year, and it has the public wondering if Dunkin’ Donuts may be thinking about taking the craft brew plunge.

This beer will only be available for a very limited time, so head to Wormtown Brewery soon. Sounds like the perfect way to start and end your day with Dunks.