This New Technology Scans Your Brain To Find Out Your Dream Destination

Overwhelmed by choices when it comes to your next vacation? If you can’t decide where to go on your next big getaway, this new technology will scan your brain to figure it out for you.

The tech is called Seeker and is a part of AccorHotels’ loyalty program. It uses behavior tracking and biometrics to build a “psychographics profile” of each user. This profile is then translated into their perfect vacation destination.

So how does it work? According to The Points Guy, you visit five interactive stations that measure things like your heart rate, alpha and gamma brain waves, and galvanic skin response. You’l have sensors placed on your arm and forehead, and your body’s motion will be tracked.

At the end of the ordeal, users get a score that ranks them along spectrums like “urban” or “rural,” “romance” or “family,” and “hot” or “cold.”

If you can’t travel all the way to New Jersey for the in-person test, you can get results via their online version that measure your heart rate through your webcam. Click here to access the test.