The Bones Of A Rare Single-Horned Dinosaur Were Just Discovered In Colorado

You can find yourself walking amongst dinosaur fossils at several state parks and discovery centers throughout the western half of the United States; however, a recent dinosaur discovery made in Colorado gives you a new reason to visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Just an hour away from where the fossils are now on display, a rare, single-horned dinosaur was unearthed entirely by accident – and you’re going to want to check it out.

If you’re a fan of the prehistoric past and want to explore this new addition to the fossil collection at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, start planning a visit!

Address: 2001 Colorado Boulevard, Denver, CO, 80205

To keep up with what’s happening with this fossils as they’re transferred to the museum, click here.

If you’ve visited the Denver Museum of Nature & Science recently and have seen the latest addition to the museum, then be sure to share your pictures and experiences with us in the comments!