An Entire Hawaiian Island Has Been Destroyed By Hurricane Walaka

A severe storm has just wiped one Hawaiian island off the map.

East Island was an 11-acre sandy isle that was about a half-mile long. It was part of Hawaii’s French Frigate Shoals and home to endangered Hawaiian monk seals and many seabirds.

Satellite images have just revealed that the entire island was destroyed by a powerful storm surge caused by Hurricane Walk. The hurricane was one of the most fierce Pacific hurricanes ever observed.

Even more troublingly, over half of all Hawaiian green sea turtles laid their eggs on the vanished island. Experts have no idea what the island’s destruction will mean for the threatened species that once called it home.

Experts say that more Pacific islands could be endangered by climate change and increasingly intense tropical storms.

The video below from YouTube user Chip Fletcher is some of the last footage of this lost island:

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