Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Gold Could Be Hiding Deep Within The Forests Of Pennsylvania

A Civil War legend about buried gold and a treasure map may have just turned from folklore to fact.

In June of 1863, a Union wagon train carrying up to 2,600 pounds of gold was reportedly lost near the tiny town of Dents Run in Pennsylvania. The incident has never been proven, but treasure hunters and historians have kept the story alive over the years as countless hopefuls have searched for the missing gold.

The rumor mill started churning afresh last week when FBI agents and state officials were seen digging up a patch of snowy earth just off Route 555 near Dents Run in Benezette Township.

FBI officials would not comment on their reason for setting up shop in this remote spot, but spokesperson Carrie Adamowski told CNN that the agency was “carrying out court-authorized law enforcement activity in Elk County.”

Dennis Parada, founder of lost treasure recovery service Finders Keepers, claimed to have found a map of the treasure in the 1970s. After digging and metal detecting where the map indicated, he and his team came up with a trove of Civil War-era artifacts but no gold.

Since the site is located on state land, it’s illegal to dig or carry out unearthed artifacts without permission. Parada turned over the artifacts to the state.

Now, the internet is buzzing with speculation on what the FBI could be doing out in the snowy woods of Pennsylvania.