Delta Is Eliminating Seat Recline On Some Planes

Just when you thought planes couldn’t possibly get less comfy, Delta has announced that it is trialing eliminating seat recline on some of its narrow-body vessels.

The company has actually positioned the move as a way to allow passengers to be more comfortable on shorter flights. Their reasoning is that eliminating seat recline means that no passenger will be disturbed by the seat in front of them encroaching on their personal space.

Predictably, critics aren’t happy about the move. Though Delta has stated that the move isn’t meant to free up space to add extra seats, some experts think it’s only a matter of time until the carrier quietly uses the spare inches to do just that.

For now, this change will only be a trial run. The company has stated that the seat recline function will still be available on all international flights and that customer feedback will determine whether short-haul flights keep or ditch seat recline.