Marriott Is Now Telling Guests If Their Data Was Stolen In Last Year’s Breach

Unfortunately, by now, data breaches are nothing new. It seems like companies are fighting a losing war against nefarious cyber entities targeting customer information. Hotel group Marriott has just released a report on exactly what personal data was stolen in their 2018 security breach.

The breach was disclosed in late 2018, but Marriott reported that information dating all the way back to 2014 had been illegally accessed. About 19 million passport numbers were stolen, making this breach an especially concerning one.

Now, Marriott has set up an online portal that allows guests to input their personal information (stay with us) in order to find out was aspects of their data were accessed in the breach.

The form requests customers’ full names, email addresses, and country or region. There is also a “recommended” but optional opportunity to input the last four digits of your passport number and additional identifiers. Customers who have been affected by the data breach will be contacted by the Marriott Privacy Center with the details of their individual situation.