A Craft Beer Airline Will Soon Be Coming To The Midwest

Fancy a pint in the sky? The world’s first craft beer airline is coming to Ohio early next year.

In February 2019, Scottish craft brewer BrewDog is going to begin operating flights between London and its beer-themed hotel The DogHouse in Columbus, Ohio.

The first flight will be on Feb. 21 and will include perks like special meals, cocktails, amenity kits, and in-flight tastings of limited-edition beer that has been specially brewed to taste delicious at high altitudes.

Passengers can also look forward to landing at The DogHouse and touring the property’s beer museum before setting into a guest room that comes with in-room taps and beer-infused spa treatments.

The flight will cost $1,605 per person and is only open to BrewDog Equity Punks, a program which allows individuals to pay a minimum of $50 for a share in the company.

Sound a bit steep for a boozy flight? Five people will fly free thanks to this competition run by BrewDog. Check out the offer and learn more here.