Congress Might Set A Minimum Seat Size For Planes – But There’s A Catch

Does it seem like every time you get on a plane you encounter smaller and smaller seats? It’s not your imagination; plane seats have been shrinking for years. Now, Congress might step in to make sure they don’t get even smaller.

A new 1,204-page bill was recently presented to party leaders that would set new rules for things like plane seat size and time off for flight attendants, and would require the FAA to investigate how living beneath a flight path might affect someone’s health.

However, there’s a slight catch: the minimum seat size might be something close to 27 inches. That’s the smallest seat pitch the FAA thinks is safe for an emergency evacuation, and it’s pretty narrow. Most seats in economy class already have pitches that are 30 inches or below.

The bill is on the edge of being passed, with a potential confirmation coming this week.