Cruise Lines Are Starting To Offer Unique Learning Activities On Board Their Ships

People heading off on a cruise are usually looking forward to lazy days by the pool and enjoying a few cocktails in exotic locales. However, modern cruise ships are starting to offer more intellectually stimulating activity options.

The New York Times reports that cruises are trying to attract a new generation of travelers with “enrichment programs” meant to educate and inform. These activities can include everything from an onboard planetarium session to fascinating talks by academics and historians.

“Onboard lectures provide a bridge between a traveler’s desire to learn and the reality and time limitations of their day to day lives,” Paul Largay, chief executive of Largay Travel, told The New York Times.

Rather than just spending a week working on their tans and hitting the buffet, cruise lines are hoping that passengers use their unstructured vacation time to dip into some educational fun. Classes in everything from floral arrangement to photography lessons are designed to give travelers the ultimate souvenir: knowledge.