These Are The 3 U.S. Airports Most Likely To Cancel Your Flight

Nobody wants to make their way all the way to the airport and through security, only to find out their flight has been canceled. Turns out, some airports are more notorious for this than others.

A report by travel insurance site InsureMyTrip has uncovered the U.S. airports where your flight it most likely to be called off. Surprise: a few of the busiest airports in the country made the list.

According to the data, New York’s LaGuardia Airport leads the nation in canceled flights. About four percent of flights scheduled out of LaGuardia were canceled in 2018, which is the highest percentage in the country. Virginia’s Norfolk International airport came in second, and Charleston airport in South Carolina came in third.

Wondering which airports had the fewest cancelations? The top spot goes to Salt Lake City International, which only called off 0.30 percent of its flights. Idaho’s Boise Air Terminal and Hawaii’s Kahului Airport also received high marks. You can check out the full report here.