This New Camper Transforms Into A Boat And It’s Perfect For Summer

If you dream of being able to move seamlessly from road trip to boat trip, this new camper may be the perfect summer splurge.

The Sealander is a custom-made caravan that transforms into a tiny houseboat. It has an outboard engine so you can operate it like a boat, but also features a trailer hitch so you can take it with you when you’re done.

The transformation happens in just a few minutes. Inside, the Sealander offers everything from a bed to benches for lounging. You can even customize it with a bathroom and a kitchen.

While this is definitely an awesome summer toy, it comes at a price. You’ll have to drop around $20,000 for a Sealander, and the wait between ordering and receiving on is about 8 weeks. Still, it’s much cheaper to maintain than a normal boat and is the perfect gadget for explorers of land and sea.