The One Place In Alaska Where You’re More Likely To Spot A Bear Than Almost Anywhere In The U.S.

If spotting a bear in the wild is on your to-do list, this one spot in Alaska will give you a better shot than almost anywhere else in America.

Anan Wildlife Observatory in the Tongass National Forest is one of the best places on Earth to view bears. You can watch them up close as they hunt for salmon, play with their cubs, and laze about in the sun.

If you want the best possible view of these creatures, head to Anan Creek. The trailhead is staffed by U.S. Forest Service personnel and there’s a bear viewing platform down the creek path. There, you can take advantage of a photo blind and observe just a few feet away from feeding bears.

Anan Wildlife Observatory is a fantastic place to see bears up close, visiting does take a bit of forethought. You need a permit to visit from July 5 to August 25. Head to to pick one up and start planning your bear-spotting adventure.