This Southern City Might Ban One Popular Type of Airbnb Rental

One southern city is cracking down on rowdy visitors by attempting to limit one popular type of rental.

A New Orleans City Council member recently proposed the ban of short-term “whole-home” rentals. This would include Airbnb rentals of whole apartments, but wouldn’t apply to rentals that only include one room in a shared home.

The city is trying to limit the detrimental community impact of homes that are purchased specifically for rental purposes. Many locals have also complained about loud and disruptive groups of tourists who skip the hotels and opt to bed down in residential areas instead.

Supporters say that this ban will help preserve New Orleans’ authentic vibe, while detractors say that such a ban would only serve to move tourism revenue from the pockets of locals to the coffers of large chain hotels.

The proposal will be voted on in April. If it is approved, it could trigger similar moves in cities across the country.