This U.S. Airline Is Saying Plane Fares Might Double In The Future

With all those complimentary plane perks going the way of the dinosaurs, you might also expect that ticket prices will remain low into the future. However, one U.S. airline predicts otherwise.

At the recent Morgan Stanley Laguna Conference, an annual gathering of Fortune 500 executives, investors, and analysts, president of United Airlines Scott Kirby hinted that he believes ticket prices could potentially double.

Though Kirby did not state that prices will definitely increase dramatically in the future, he suggested that airlines were “underpricing [their] product by 50 percent.”

He also said that rising fuel costs and the associated higher plane fares weren’t necessarily a bad thing, and that domestic fares might not see the radical drop in price that international fares have been seeing due to the lack of domestic low-cost carriers.