These Are The 3 U.S. Airlines That Are Least Likely To Lose Your Luggage

There are few experiences as aggravating and alarming than realizing your suitcase hasn’t made an appearance on the luggage carousel. If you hate the thought of tracking down your bag after an airline loses it, you might want to book your ticket with one of these carriers.

A new study by Luggagehero just identified the airlines that are most and least likely to lose or damage your stuff. The report is based on six years of Department of Transportation Data.

The top three performers were Delta Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and JetBlue Airways in that order.

The airline with the greatest number of lost or damaged bags was Envoy Air with over five reports of missing bags per 1,000 passengers. Skywest and ExpressJet Airlines had an average of four reports per 1,000 passengers, and American Airlines had just over three.

The report also revealed you’re more likely to have your baggage lost of mishandled during the months of January and February.

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