These Are The U.S. Airlines That Charge The Most Extra Fees

Fees are a practically inescapable reality of air travel these days. It seems like every perk that was once complimentary now comes with a price tag.

If you’re looking to avoid spending too much on extras that you may not even need, or you just want to fly with an airline that bundles those extra costs into your fare, this new report from IdeaWorksCompany could help.

They’ve rounded up the top 10 domestic and international carriers based on average fees charged per person.

1 Spirit: $51 per person

2 WOW Air: $49 per person

3 Allegiant: $49 per person

4 Frontier: $48 per person

5 $43 per person

6 Qantas Airways: $43 per person

7 United: $39 per person

8 AirAsia X: $33 per person

9 HK Express: $33 per person

10 Wizz Air: $31 per person

It comes as no surprise that the list is full of budget carriers like Spirit Airlines and Allegiant. Surprisingly, United also made the list.

IdeaWorks revealed that baggage and online booking fees made up the bulk of these carriers’ revenue from fees. If you want to avoid some of the added costs of flying domestic budget airlines, plan to pack light and book in-person at an airport location.