Airlines Might Start Charging Based On Who You Are

Looking for a great flight deal? Who you are could soon have a real impact on what you’re asked to pay for a plane ticket.

Accrding to leading revenue management software company PROS, airlines might soon start asking for different fares from different people. That means the person sitting next to you on the same flight could have paid a wildly lower or higher price for the same journey based on why they’re traveling or how much they’ve flown before.

They call it “dynamic pricing,” and it’s already gone into effect with some airlines. It works like this: an airline website could pull the IP address of someone searching for flights and identify their flight history. The information would be used to determine whether that person has been loyal to the airline in the past and what kind of traveling they usually do, e.g. domestic or international, business or pleasure, etc.

People who have been loyal to a particular airline in the past or are traveling for leisure are likely to pay less, whereas first-time customers or business travelers may be charged more.

While this system could mean that some business travelers get charged more, it also means that sticking with one airline or taking frequent vacations could net you a discount. One more reason to take that weekend trip to Vegas.



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