This U.S. Airline Is Raising Fees For Checked Bags And More

Bad news for anyone flying JetBlue this summer season – the popular U.S. airline is about to raise fees for checked bags, cancellations, and more.

Some fees will only increase by a few dollars. For example, checking a bag will now cost you $30 rather than $25. However, many of the price hikes are significant.

Checking in a overweight bags will now cost passengers $150, up from $100. Cancelling a $200+ reservation will slap you with a $200 fee rather than a $150 fee. Traveling with a pet will be $25 more expensive, and checking in a bike or surfboard will now cost you $100 rather than $50.

The airline has yet to comment on the price increases, and the current fees will remain in place until August 31.