This New Airline Club Will Give You First Class Tickets For Under $300

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying first class but are currently operating on a couch budget, this news will be music to your wallet.

AURA is a new service launching in 2019 that will offer one-way, first-class tickets starting at just $280.

That’s right – this private jet company will get you sitting in the lap of luxury for less than the cost of some couch tickets.

The service will begin operation out of a few small private airports in a handful of major U.S. cities. Passengers will be flying on CRJ7000 Bombadier regional jets and will be able to get on board within 20 minutes of arriving at the airport.

Passengers in the WAVE cabin get even more goodies. They’ll enjoy futuristic-looking zero-gravity AÏANAWAVE seats and meals from an on-board chef that will cook everything to your exact specifications.

For about $100 per month, individuals will be able to become “Keyholders” and access lower prices on all flights. This usually amounts to half off all tickets.

Watch the skies for Aura in 2019.