Airbnb Prices Could Be Getting A Whole Lot Cheaper

If you’ve ever looked into booking a place to stay on Airbnb, you probably noticed an annoying addition to the total price called a “guest” or “service” fee. Now, Airbnb is introducing a new program that could eliminate those fees for good.

Basically, the service fee is Airbnb’s slice of the pie – typically is a percentage of the list price for the accommodation, the fee goes straight into Airbnb’s coffers. For example, a $370 room would end up costing an extra $58 due to this service fee.

Now, the hospitality company is trailing a four-week program that lets hosts volunteer to eliminate the service fee for guests. According to PhocusWire, some hosts will now have the option of directly paying Airbnb a 12 percent cut of the total price.

This means that hosts would shoulder the initial sting of a slightly lower profit, but customers would see a price reduction of 15 percent. This would hopefully induce more travlers to book with those hosts, ultimately offsetting the 12 percent fee.

The program is entirely voluntary, but the results could dramatically change the final ticket price of your next Airbnb booking.