A New Study Reveals That Passengers Are More Likely To Trust Pilots With This Accent

When you hear your pilot’s voice over the plane speaker, it’s usually to warn passengers about upcoming turbulence or weather conditions on the ground. However, a new study has revealed that a pilot’s accent might have a real effect on how passengers feel.

The survey was conducted by travel site Jetcost. It asked passengers to rate different English-speaking accents in terms of how much confidence they inspired in their pilots.

The results showed that the most confidence-inspiring pilot accent is an Upper Midwestern accent. Southern Californian, Great Lakes, British, and Eastern New England accents were also rated very confidence-inspiring.

On the other side of the scale, the least comforting accent that a pilot could have turned out to be Texan. That was followed by New York, General American, Central Canadian, or Southwestern accents.