This Popular Midwest Airline From The 1980s Could Soon Be Returning

Do you remember Midwest Express? If so, you probably were jetting around in the 1980s. Now, this popular airline is set to make a comeback as soon as 2020.

When Midwest Express first launched in 1984, it was an almost instant hit with midwestern travelers due to its large recliner chairs, good food, attentive service, and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.

After the September 11 attacks, the airline was one of many carriers that struggled to stay afloat. It reinvented itself as Midwest Airlines and was eventually purchased and quietly merged with Frontier Airlines in 2010.

Now, the investors are apparently pouring money into relaunching the airline. It will have a Milwaukee hub and sources say the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies will also be making a return. In a industry landscape of climbing baggage fees and disappearing perks, that’s certainly welcome news.