Truth be told, there’s never a wrong time to camp here in Texas. Camping might not be accessible all year long for other states, but in Texas, it’s a welcomed pastime for many. There’s nothing like the crisp nighttime air, a pitched tent, and falling asleep under the stars. Sounds pretty dreamy, right? These are 11 favorites when it comes to Texas state parks for camping. They are equally gorgeous all year long and see much less tourist traffic, especially during the chillier months. So if you’re into winter camping in Texas, you’ll certainly want to make sure you reference this list. Now, get ready to get outdoors and enjoy some true Southern adventures in some of the best state parks in Texas.

Have you ever camped at any of these parks? Do you have another favorite for year-round camping in Texas? Let us know your thoughts!

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State Parks To Visit In Texas

What's the most beautiful state park in Texas?

Does anyone else love a good underrated state park in Texas? You know the ones we mean - maybe a hidden gem, or one off-the-beaten-path. When you think about the best parks in Texas, does Hueco Tanks near El Paso come to mind? Because some might consider this one to be one of the most beautiful state parks in all of Texas. As far as things to do outside in Texas, this park has it all:

  • There's hiking...
  • and picnicking.
  • There's stargazing...
  • and rock climbing, to name a few.
  • Bird watching is also huge here, with over 200 different species residing within the state park.


What is the oldest state park in Texas?

Sometimes the best state parks in Texas have the most history within. For example, if you've never been to Mother Neff State Park in Texas, then it’s about high time you made the trip. A few fun facts about Mother Neff State Park:

  • This park was the very first established state park in Texas,
  • It opened to the public officially in 1937.
  • Nature lovers unite in this park to picnic, hike, geocache, and of course camp.
  • One of the best features of the whole park is the cave that was used two centuries ago by the Tonkawa Indian tribe.


What are the most beautiful hikes in Texas?

If there is one thing we’re certainly not lacking in the Lone Star State it’s different places to hike. Hiking trails in Texas are in abundance and we have some of the best you can find in one list. The ultimate bucket list for Texans obsessed with hiking includes some real gems. We’re talking about hiking through places such as:

  • The Guadalupe Mountains National Park on the Texas Highpoint Trail 
  • The Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend National Park
  • Gorman Falls Trail in Colorado Bend State Park

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