This Strange Phenomenon In Texas Is Too Weird For Words

You’ve probably heard of the infamous Marfa lights. Maybe someone you know has experienced them and recounted their sightings to you. Maybe you’ve just read stories about them online.

But have you actually SEEN them?

Various theories exist about their origin. Some say they’re balls of visible gas. Others claim them to be headlights from the nearby highway. But are these logical explanations just a front for what we truly believe? Do we automatically write it off as science because we’re too afraid to dive into the darkest recesses of our minds and entertain the idea that something more sinister could be at work? See for yourself and then make a decision. (Videos courtesy of rockhop458 and Peter James)

What are your thoughts on the Marfa Lights? What other strange phenomena have you experienced or heard about in Texas? Let us know in the comments!