8 Strange Local Eats You’ll Only Understand If You’re From Texas

They aren’t strange – other states just aren’t cool enough to understand. These are 8 famous dishes in Texas that either can’t be found anywhere else, or can’t be found in quite the same way anywhere else (which makes sense because it’s impossible to replicate us).

What are your favorite food traditions in Texas? Have you ever gone to another state and gotten strange reactions for mentioning any of these foods? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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famous dishes in Texas

April 30, 2020

What kind of food is Texas known for?

Texans sure know how to whip up a delicious meal. Of course, the Lone Star State is known for its epic brisket, ribs, and pulled pork, but BBQ is just the beginning. We also pride ourselves on our mouthwatering chicken fried steaks. If you’ve never has the pleasure of dining on the famous CFS from Mary’s Cafe in Strawn, do yourself a favor and plan a road trip immediately. People come from all around just to taste this amazing dish.

Texans are also known for their magnificent Tex Mex restaurants. For a spicy and cheesy meal, head over to Matt’s El Rancho in Austin, Texas. This restaurant was a favorite of former president Lyndon B. Johnson, and it’s easy to see why. Their wonderful enchiladas, fajitas, and tacos are top-notch. They’re some of the most iconic Texas foods for a reason!

What are the strangest food combinations in Texas?

Texas chefs know how to put a fun spin on classic dishes. And no place does it quite like Valentina’s. This hidden gem sits inside a tiny food truck in Austin, and they make some of the most amazing Tex Mex BBQ in the state. Think this sounds like the weirdest food in Texas? Think again. The end result is smoky, spicy, and oh-so flavorful. It’s definitely worth a road trip.

What are the weirdest restaurants in Texas?

Gourdoughs, located in Austin, is known for crafting some of the weirdest food in Texas. This one-of-a-kind eatery is donut-themed, and everything on the menu has a tasty piece of fried dough on it. Yes — everything. Enjoy a hearty burger with a donut bun and dig in to a fresh salad with donut croutons. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely be able to satisfy it here. Their epic desserts are loaded with rich toppings and inventive sauces. This is the ultimate place for an indulgent meal.

Address: Texas, USA