13 Amazing Texas Secrets You Never Knew Existed

There are so many neat things about our state, from our rich history to the incredible diversity in our landscape, from the undeniable charm of our people and towns to everything truly being “bigger in Texas.” Things like this are obvious and very well known by most residents of the Lone Star State. However, there are some slightly more obscure facts that aren’t as widely accepted as fact. But I assure you, they’re 100% true and today, you get to gain a little bit more knowledge about the place you call home! Here are 13 secrets or fun facts about Texas that you probably don’t know right now and won’t until you’re done reading this.

Are you ready to impress your friends in a game of Texas trivia?! Did you know any of these facts before reading this? What other cool secrets do you know about our state? Share with us in the comments!