It’s no secret that the true heart and soul of Texas lies in our small towns. There’s a distinct charm to old-fashioned town squares, dance halls, general stores, and horses trotting down the street that makes you feel like all is right in the world. Here are 10 of the most beautiful small towns in Texas – you’re sure to love them as much as we do!

Have you ever visited any of these towns? What do you think is the most picturesque small town in Texas? Let us know in the comments!

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Beautiful Small Towns in Texas

What are the most charming small towns in Texas?  

It’s no secret that Texas is an enormous state. It takes anywhere from 14 to 16 hours to drive across the entire state, and as a result, there’s absolutely no shortage of small towns scattered throughout. Some towns, however, really do their best to turn up the charm, and we love it. Of course, “most charming” is subjective, but we think you’ll agree with us on these. Our favorite, adorable, charming-to-the-core small towns in Texas include Dripping Springs, which is as beautiful as it is quaint, and Amarillo – which is probably the biggest “small town” in the Lone Star State, but its charm is off the charts. Artists and antique aficionados will love it in Amarillo. There’s also Fredericksburg, which has an excellent winery scene, believe it or not. We also love Marfa, a small town in the middle of nowhere famous for... its UFO sightings.  

What are some interesting things to do in Texas?  

There are a ton of interesting things to do in Texas – so many that it’s literally impossible to count them all. However, we’ve got a few suggestions for interesting and quirky things to do in the Lone Star State. For those who are a little on the morbid side, there’s always the Museum of Funeral History in Houston. In Terlingua, you can spend the night in an Adobe dome (seriously!). Boerne is also particularly adorable, and it’s known for being ridiculously friendly, which is always a plus. There’s plenty of shopping to be done in Boerne! For more of our favorite interesting things to do and see in Texas that you might not have ever thought of doing before, take a look at this article 

Where are the best places to visit in Texas? 

Oh, Texas, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways! This is a tough question for one big reason: there’s just so much you could do that it really just depends on your personal tastes. For the nature lovers out there, we suggest a visit to Big Bend National Park, which is known worldwide for its breathtaking beauty. The Guadalupe Mountain National Park is also a gem. For the city-slickers out there, we think you should check out the San Antonia Riverwalk, which is a great idea for an inexpensive and immersive date night. The Dallas Museum of Art is amazing, too, and while you’re in Dallas, make sure to check out Deep Ellum – the heart of the Texas art scene. As for history buffs, well, remember the Alamo!