This Is The Most Disgusting Food In Texas That Locals Can’t Get Enough Of

We eat some… interesting… things here in Texas — at least, according to the other states. I mean, chili without beans? Barbecue that tastes good even with no sauce? Deep-frying everything and putting it on a stick?

That last one is what we’re here to talk about today. Arguably one of the most fat-laden, artery-clogging foods in existence, deep-fried butter made its debut at the Texas State Fair in 2009. It won the “Most Creative” award along with the hearts (and stomachs) of hundreds of Texans who tried it. Although it might sound gross to anyone else, us natives are used to rich, delicious calorie bombs like these. After all, it’s really no different than eating a piece of toast slathered in butter, right?

See for yourself! These people definitely enjoyed it:

Have you ever tried fried butter? What’s the “weirdest” food we love here in Texas that people from other states think is disgusting?