We’ve all heard the stereotypes about Houston drivers, and it looks like there might be some truth to those claims. According to Popular Mechanics, I-45 is the most dangerous road in the entire U.S. Here’s why:

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most dangerous road in the entire u.s.

What is the most dangerous road in Texas?

There are several roads in Texas that are considered to be quite dangerous. However, according to several reports, one of them is much more dangerous than others. This stretch of roadway is I-45, which runs from Galveston to Dallas. The most dangerous section of I-45 is the stretch that runs through Houston. In fact, I-45 was the site of 73 deaths in 2019 alone. Since then, it's been named the most dangerous road in the entire United States. Traffic volume, congestion, texting, drunk driving, and speeding are the main causes of wrecks along this dangerous highway. So, the next time you're traveling Texas' I-45, especially through Houston, remember to always be cautious.

What are the three most dangerous cities in Texas?

Several cities and towns make up Texas, with some being much more dangerous than others. According to the 2022 World Population Review, the most dangerous city in the Lone Star State is Bellmead. In Bellmead, there are 1,294 violent crimes per 100,000 residents and 6,196 property crimes per 100,000 residents. Bellmead also happens to be one of the 30 most dangerous cities in the United States. For a list of the other most dangerous cities in Texas, you can see the World Population Review here.

What is one of the most dangerous places to avoid in Texas?

Like every other state in the United States, Texas also has areas that are considered dangerous and should be avoided. One of these areas is the Far North neighborhood in Houston. This particular area of Houston has a crime rate that's 95% above the national average. Violent crimes are a shocking 247% higher than the national average. Overall, the Far North neighborhood is only safer than 7% of the cities in Texas.