There’s A Magical Festival Coming To Texas And You Won’t Want To Miss It

Have you ever made a wish on a balloon and then sent it floating into the sky in hopes that it would come through? I used to do it at all of my birthday parties as a kid. This childhood practice has been revived – in a way that’s 100 times more awesome. The Lights Festival, an event that’s sweeping the southern US states, is your chance to wish for something or let go of a heavy weight on your shoulders by casting a lantern into the night sky. It’s oddly therapeutic and absolutely breathtaking to watch thousands of little lights floating into the sky and illuminating the darkness, making this a can’t-miss festival.

The festival will take place on November 4th at the Royal Purple Raceway in Houston, November 11th at 10736 County Rd 102 in Grandview, and November 19th at Apache Pass, 9132 N. FM 908 in Rockdale.

Tickets can be purchased here.