Float Through Thousands Of Christmas Lights In A Heated Lazy River At Texas Winter Lights

Winter weather doesn’t always make it to Houston in time for Christmas, but we can still enjoy the holiday season in style with a unique Christmas light display in Texas. At the Marriott Marquis Houston, their Texas-shaped rooftop lazy river is heated to 80 degrees and lined with thousands of Christmas lights all month long. Float the night away, watch holiday movies, sip festive cocktails, and make homemade s’mores at this perfectly Texas celebration. Add this Houston lazy river light show to your holiday bucket list.

Visit the hotel’s website or Facebook page to learn more about this cool Houston lazy river light show.

Have you attended Texas Winter Lights yet this holiday season? What activity sounds the most fun? If you have found another equally cool Christmas light display in Texas let us know.

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Address: Marriott Marquis Houston, 1777 Walker St, Houston, TX 77010, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Christmas light displays in texas

October 22, 2022

Where should I go for a Christmas vacation in Texas?

If the Marriott Marquis Houston isn’t your style there are plenty of wonderful places to spend Christmas in Texas. Take a peek at 10 of our favorite cities in Texas over the holidays. In the coastal town of Galveston, you can enjoy some beach time with Santa, or catch the Christmas Express Train in Jefferson, a town filled with history and cool old antiques. In Marshall, Texas you’ll find the Wonderland of Lights Extravaganza (don’t worry it lives up to its fancy name) with over 10 million lights all over the town, and festivities galore. It’s an amazing town to enjoy holiday lights in Texas.

Is December a good time to visit Texas?

December is a great time to visit Texas, especially if you love holiday festivities (and cooler temperatures). With bowl games for football fans, parades for parade fans, and candy canes for you guessed it - candy cane fans, (we can go on with this theme for a long time if you want…) The point is if you are planning a vacation around the holidays Texas is a great place to put on the list. If you want to enjoy those mild Texas winters and enjoy some of the best Christmas lights in Texas, why don’t you join us on a Christmas town road trip through Texas?

Why is Texas called the Lone Star State?

Texas is often referred to as the "Lone Star State." There are a few theories about how this nickname came to be. One story claims that it is a reference to the Texas flag, which features a single star. Another theory suggests that it stems from Texas's history as an independent republic. Prior to becoming a state, Texas was its own country for nearly 10 years. During this time, it was known as the Lone Star Republic. While both of these explanations are plausible, the most likely origin of the nickname is simply due to the fact that Texas is the only state with the shape of a perfect five-pointed star. Whatever the reason, the moniker has stuck and Texas is now widely known as the Lone Star State.