Texans are used to being the brunt of all sorts of jokes from the rest of the country, whether about our accents, obsession with football, weird weather, or our unabashed pride in our state. We love Texas and couldn’t imagine a better place to live. Luckily, most of us have a good sense of humor and can take the heat, so if that sounds like you, you’ll love these 10 Texas jokes!

Obviously, we love Texas and couldn’t imagine any better place to live. If you know of any other funny jokes about Texas, share them in the comments! We always love hearing Texas jokes.

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What are the best things about living in Texas?

From the warm weather to the diverse landscape, there are plenty of things to love about living in Texas. Not only is Texas the second most populous state in the country, but Texas is currently growing at a rate of approximately 1,000 people a day, so it’s only becoming more popular. Not only is the Texas economy one of the healthiest economies in the country, but it also has some nationally-acclaimed top-rated public school districts and an affordable housing market.

What unique words and phrases do people in Texas say?

Every state has its own unique set of words and phrases that locals don’t think twice about, but you’d surely get a funny look if you said them outside of your home state, and Texas is no different. While phrases like “y’all,” and “fixin’ to” are common along the entire deep south, it’s not uncommon to hear them in Texas. You might hear an angry Texan holler, “I’m madder than a wet hen!” And that’s letting you know they’re fairly agitated about the situation.

Do Texans have any strange habits?

Texans do some things just a little differently than the other 49 states. While most of these habits are based on tradition, there are several strange habits all Texans have probably done at least once. Wearing homecoming mums in high school is a nostalgic Texan experience, wearing cowboy boots on the regular, and riding your horse to the drive-thru are just a few strange habits Texans are known for.

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