This Tiny, Isolated Texas Village Is One Of The Last Of Its Kind

Museums are such neat places. They allow us to step back 100, 1000, or sometimes even millions of years to learn more about a certain aspect of life in that time period. What if I told you there’s an entire village in Texas that’s essentially a living museum? Heritage Village-Museum in Woodville is a near-exact replica of a late 19th/early 20th century East Texas town, with some of the buildings having actually been used in that era and since been restored. It’s a truly surreal experience to be surrounded by such history (and you get a delicious meal at the Pickett House out of it, so go even if only for that).

The address is 157 Private Road 6000, Woodville, TX 75979.

Have you ever been to the Heritage Village-Museum? What was your favorite part?