The One Texas Cave That’s Filled With Ancient Mysteries

If you’re a history buff, listen up. (Even if you’re not, you should pay attention – this place is simply too neat for anyone to pass up.) When we think about canyons in Texas, our mind automatically drifts to the Palo Duro. That’s understandable considering it’s the second largest canyon in the nation, but there are plenty of smaller, lesser-known canyons in Texas that deserve some attention. One of those is Seminole Canyon, a 2000-acre park that contains some of the oldest Native American cave drawings in the country. See them for yourself:

The state park is located nine miles west of Comstock on Highway 90, just east of the Pecos River Bridge. Click here for additional directions, maps, and information about hours and fees.

Have you ever been to Seminole Canyon State Park? What did you think of the cave art?