The One Spot In Texas That’s Basically Heaven On Earth

We’ve talked about hidden gems in Texas so much at this point, you’d be almost certain we’ve covered them all.

That, folks, would be an incorrect assumption. Our state continues to surprise me with its seemingly endless natural wonders that take your breath away. Cattail Falls in Big Bend National Park is one such place, and unlike some of the other “hidden” gems we’ve written about that are actually quite crowded at certain times of year, almost nobody knows about it. It’s a short hike, and the 80-foot waterfall at the end is a reward that keeps on giving. Check it out for yourself:

Check out this video of the falls in action:

Big Bend National Park is located 70 miles south of Marathon and can be accessed by following Highway 385 to the entrance.

Have you hiked the Cattail Falls trail? Can you believe such a place exists right here in our state?