Driving Down This Haunted Texas Road Will Give You Nightmares

Texas has such a rich history, it’s no surprise that we have an abundance of supposedly haunted places. Some are somber, some are downright terrifying…and then there’s Bragg Road, which is a category all its own. Nobody can be certain if the legend behind it is fact or fiction, but one thing’s for sure – the eerie “Bragg Light” is 100% real. Could it be the headlights from an approaching car merged into one image due to the distance? Or perhaps swamp gas from the surrounding East Texas wetlands?

…Or maybe, just maybe, it’s something a bit more sinister. Read ahead to see for yourself.

Here’s a video by MrPontoe that captures the light in real time. It’s hard to argue with evidence like this…

So, what do you think? It obviously isn’t headlights. Could it be the innocent glow of swamp gas…or is it the eternal illumination of the railroad man’s lantern as he continues his never ending quest for his missing head?

Address: Ghost Rd Scenic Dr, Texas, USA