A Tour Of This Haunted Prison In Texas Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Almost every now-abandoned prison claims to be haunted, but most have no proof or firsthand experiences to back up their statement. The Central Unit Prison in Sugar Land, however, is completely different. The Ghost Adventures Crew themselves as well as any civilian who has toured it swear they witnessed paranormal activity while inside. The show’s Zak Bagans even called it the single worst place he ever visited.

It makes perfect sense that the prison would be so plagued by restless spirits – it operated for 112 years. That’s a long time for gang violence, brutal murders, and suicides to accumulate within its walls. Only the bravest souls on earth would voluntarily step foot inside such a place. Are you one of them? Watch a few minutes of this Ghost Adventures episode and decide for yourself.

So, what do you think? Would you tour Central Unit Prison? Remember, you might never come out.