Take This Epic Road Trip To Experience Texas’ Great Outdoors

Summer is fast approaching, so y’all know what that means: it’s time for another road trip! Since we usually focus on the Hill Country for our outdoor-themed vacations, we thought we’d switch it up this time and head out west. From exploring all the mountain ranges in the state to sledding down giant sand dunes, this trip just might be our best yet (and it could be yours, too!).

As always, exact addresses and directions can be found here. And although the whole trip takes less than 17 hours, you’ll want to allot at least a few days to ensure plenty of exploration time at each stop without rushing. There are campsites at all the parks, so lodging shouldn’t be an issue at all!

Happy trails, y’all!

How many of these stops have you been to? Which one are you looking forward to most on the trip? Let us know!